"Everything in life is vibration.”  - Albert Einstein

Sound Bath with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, notes A through G correlate to each of the seven Chakras

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, notes A through G correlate to each of the seven Chakras

Would you like to feel BLISSED OUT?    

Stop worrying about the past or trying to control the future. Instead, take an hour off the grid and feel absolutely content in the present moment. Restore balance in your life, rejuvenate your spirit and give every cell in your body a massage with the power of sound vibration. 

Many years ago, Kristin experienced the euphoric effects of sounds baths - she knew she'd discovered the perfect way to stay happy and grounded in her stressful and chaotic show business career.  But the last few years have gotten especially intense here in the USA, so much so, that Kristin was compelled to get her own crystal bowls. She played them for friends and family - to quell the overriding sense of fear and anxiety, and bring in feelings of calmness, clarity and well-being. The response was so overwhelmingly positive, that she created Sound Bath Bliss, and holds events open to the community. 

By Candlelight at 9:00pm: August 15th (Full Moon) & 23rd - SOUND BATH with Aromatherapy at the Philosophical Research Society - $20 in advance / $25 at the door

We'll start with a vision that will help you let go that which no longer serves you, and attract the life you desire. As your brainwaves slow down, shifting from an active Beta state to a more relaxed & dream-like Alpha state, tap into your unlimited creativity. 

SUNDAY at 2:00pm: August 11th - SOUND BATH at The Philosophical Research Society in Los Feliz - $20 Suggested Donation

Come to a transformative, relaxing and healing hour-long Sound Bath:

NEW - BREATHWORK: Friday, August 9th and September 20th at 9pm at The Philosophical Research Society in Los Feliz - $25 in advance / $30 at the door

Ready for a massive shift in your life? Breathe away trauma you didn’t even know was running you and breathe in the life you desire.

Transform Your Life in a Day - Workshop with Breathwork & Sound Bath

Are you ready to catapult forward in your life? This 1-day workshop will help you achieve the love, success and joy you deserve.


Relaxation  -  Stress Reduction  -  Peace of Mind  -  Creative Inspiration Improved Sleep  -  Physical & Mental Healing  -  Enhanced Energy Forgiveness & Release from Guilt  -  Relief from Depression & Anxiety Increased Productivity & Focus  -  Empathy & Understanding

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Private or Corporate Sound Bath or Breathwork sessions

Kristin offers Private Sounds Bath or Breathwork sessions in the comfort of your home - for individuals, couples, families or groups. Kristin also offers Sound Baths or Breathwork sessions for Corporate functions or Retreats... a great way to manage stress and help employees feel more balanced and happier. To schedule a session or get information on rates, contact Kristin at: soundbathbliss@gmail.com

Kristin Palombo plays her Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls during a private in-home Sound Bath

Kristin Palombo plays her Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls during a private in-home Sound Bath

Mission Statement

Singing bowls have become extremely popular in this time when rational, masculine thinking has reached it’s highest point in our high tech, Western world. The feminine bowls can help connect us to love, warmth, art, wisdom and the divine. In this turbulent, commercial age, we feel an irresistible nostalgia for primal experiences, especially those that establish a link with the earth, the cosmos, humanity and the deeper essence in ourselves.

Breathwork is an ancient modality, a type of conscious connected breathing, that enables deep trauma release and feelings of euphoria. To quote her teacher Jon Paul Crimi, “It’s 20 years of therapy in one hour, and you don’t even have to speak.”

Kristin's goal is to provide affordable and transcendent Sound Baths and Breathwork sessions on a regular basis, in order to help people be restored to balance and gratitude. And as we heal as individuals, the collective ripple effect will alter the course of the world for the better. 

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Are You New to Sound Baths or Breathwork?

Kristin creates a safe and nurturing environment for recharging and deep transformation. What's so remarkable about Sound Baths and Breathwork is that even first-timers can experience massive benefits. The best part is, Sound Baths and Breathwork don't require the discipline that meditation does. You don't have to be a well-practiced yogi or self-care practitioner in order to have an enlightening and satisfying experience. Sound is immediate and has a direct impact on our whole being… you simply lie down, close your eyes and let the sacred sounds of the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls encompass you. And you’ve certainly done things a lot harder than lying on the floor breathing, right? Both are profoundly effective tools that take you through a gateway on a cathartic and revitalizing journey. 

How Does Sound Vibration Work?

Your ‘vibration’ is a fancy way of describing your overall state of being. Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Even things that look solid are made up of vibrational energy fields at the quantum level. This includes you. The higher your vibration, the happier and healthier you are.

Quartz crystal singing bowls produce pure sound vibration. The cells of the human body have a natural geometrical relationship to the structure of quartz crystals. Our DNA, blood, bones, and the crystal-colloidal liquid of the brain are all made up of crystalline structures. Therefore the sound vibrations of the crystal singing bowls effect the body and brain, creating a resonance that fosters healing and allows consciousness to travel into altered states of awareness. During this state, profound relaxation and therapeutic benefits can be expected.

"One reason sound heals on a physical level is because it so deeply touches and transforms us on the emotional and spiritual planes."

"Sound can redress imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning and can play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical disorder. It may calm the mind and therefore the body; or it may have emotional effects, which influence neurotransmitters and neuropeptides, which in turn help to regulate the immune system - the healer within."

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