Few things give me more pleasure than helping a writer turn an interesting script into a compelling page turner. And what could be more satisfying than facilitating a healing arts session in which an entire room of people become blissed out, inspired and even transformed in less than an hour?

So I decided to combine the two things at which I excel onto one website, namely script consulting and facilitating sound baths & breathwork. Being a storyteller and a healer provides me with both happiness and balance.

~ Kristin Palombo

Script Consultant

Kristin currently works on the TV show David Makes Man (to premiere on OWN in 2019) for creator Tarell McCraney (Academy Award winner for Moonlight) and showrunner Dee Harris-Lawrence. Kristin has been passionate about storytelling and entertainment as long as she can remember. She graduated from The USC Film School with a BFA in Theater. She initially focused on acting and directing, and subsequently discovered her love for writing and producing. After making several independent films, she landed her first TV job on TNT's Saving Grace, starring Holly Hunter. Creator and executive producer Nancy Miller was Kristin's boss and mentor. Kristin credits Nancy with teaching her everything she knows about story and character.  After four seasons on Saving Grace, and one season on Lifetime’s Against The Wall, Kristin began her career as a creative producer and development executive for Nancy Miller. Together they sold five TV shows to various networks. Kristin continues to develop, produce and consult with A-list writers and production companies, in addition to her own writing. She is available to give notes on any genre TV or film script, as well as pitches, treatments or bibles.

Sound Bath and Breathwork Facilitator

After a comparative religion class piqued Kristin’s interest in spirituality, she began her study of Egyptian Mysticism, embarking on a journey that would take her around the world. From the temples of Macchu Picchu to the pyramids of Egypt, Kristin explored the multi-faceted world of holistic healing. During her travels, she encountered many cultures that participate in crystal bowl sound baths, as well as breathwork. She found these experiences to be a perfect antidote to her high-pressure TV career. She began using quartz crystal singing bowl recordings in her meditation practice and doing breathwork on a regular basis. Ultimately, the transcendent experience and palpable vibration produced by live singing bowls was so far superior to recordings, that Kristin felt compelled to buy her own. She's been sharing their uniquely transformative, inspirational, and healing benefits with the community for two years. And now, after practicing breathwork since her first break-through experience back in 2001, she's excited to also offer breathwork sessions.

Kristin lives in Los Feliz, California, is happily married to the love of her life, and enjoys hiking in the mountains of Griffith Park. She loves the stimulating lifestyle of being a storyteller in Hollywood and finds harmony by regularly attending and facilitating sound baths and breathwork sessions.