It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way.
— Ernest Hemingway

Create a Compelling Script


If your goal is to sell your script or get hired as a TV or film writer, Kristin can help. As a creative producer and writer, she knows how hard it is to go from the blank page to a compelling script. She has the utmost admiration for good writing. And, more importantly, Kristin loves writers. She gets them. They are "her people." The fact is, getting top notch feedback is part of the writing process. Showrunners and professional writers depend on Kristin's notes, and so will you. Because, at the end of the day, no matter what your experience level, it's what's on the page that counts. Here are Kristin's rules by which to write:

  1. What is the DRIVE??? (The train must leave the station in Act 1.)

  2. What is the STORY? (What are you trying to say?)

  3. Nothing goes on the page unless it ADVANCES PLOT or REVEALS CHARACTER.

  4. Character Character Character. Know the character arcs FIRST.

  5. SHOW who the characters are, don't tell what they do. (What are the life changing moments that define a person?)

  6. Every scene must be COMPELLING! (Not interesting, compelling!)

  7. Every scene must have a TWIST.

  8. Pack a punch! Less is more. Every letter and every punctuation mark must have a purpose.

  9. Every character must be flawed.

  10. Each act break MUST leave you hanging and desperate for more.

(BTW, Kristin gives her mentor Nancy Miller full credit for teaching her these rules - far easier said than done!) 

Writers’ Department of  David Makes Man , to premiere on OWN August 2019

Writers’ Department of David Makes Man, to premiere on OWN August 2019

Saving Grace Writers' Room.jpg

Why Kristin...

After a decade of consulting for Hollywood production companies and giving notes to A-list writers - both shows on the air and projects being developed, pitched or written - Kristin is an expert. She'll provide notes on your script to get it to the next level - with honest, yet nurturing guidance, page-by-page feedback and suggestions for solutions. After working for 4 seasons of TNT's Saving Grace, starring Holly Hunter, as well as Lifetime's Against The Wall, Kristin became development executive and producing partner to Showrunner Nancy Miller. Together they sold five TV shows, including Tulsa, a mini-series for OWN, with Octavia Spencer attached to star. Kristin continues to develop and produce with a small group of writers, as well as focusing on writing her own scripts. (Photo: In the writers' room on Saving Grace, Kristin helps board an episode.)


"Kristin's talent to read scripts and give notes is off the charts. Kristin knows how to handle us, work with us, encourage us... Without making us feel like we are stupid or that she knows more about writing than us. She makes a writer excited to go home and get to work, making the script better. She knows what she's doing and is my right hand every step of the way."   -  Nancy Miller  (Nashville, Saving Grace, The Closer, Any Day Now)

"Kristin's amazing knack for identifying and diagnosing script problems has long made her the first person we go to with new material. Her notes are thoughtful, smart, and supportive. She doesn't waste your time with what will sell (because who on earth really knows?), she gives you what will work -- what will make your script just plain better."  -  Megan Lynn & Wade Solomon  (The Fosters, Cult, Against The Wall, Saving Grace)

"Kristin has played an invaluable part in all of my projects for the last three years. She's been my creative sounding board and advisor -  a wise and friendly development executive who is always on the side of what's best for the story. She's helped me shape ideas, hone pitches and revise story boards & scripts. She understands how producers and studios think because she's been there dozens of times - on hundreds of projects."   -  Ric Arthur  (Hawaii Five-0, The Last Ship, NCIS, Commander in Chief)

"I wrote a spec pilot called Against the Wall that I later sold to Lifetime. I gave Kristin the script to read before anyone else. She gave me remarkable notes. I truthfully don’t believe my script would have been as tight and well- defined without Kristin’s input. Her notes add depth, humor and heart. Kristin knows storytelling and it shows in her notes. Kristin is my go-to person whenever I write a script."  -  Annie Brunner  (Against The Wall, Saving Grace, Huff, Beverly Hills 90210)

A professional assessment and constructive critique includes:

  • General notes typed out

  • A copy of your script with handwritten page-by-page notations

  • A 60-minute meeting in person or on Skype to go over the notes and suggestions

Rates depend on length of script, half-hour, one-hour or feature. Consulting also available for pitches, treatments, bibles and outlines. To request a consultation/rates, email Kristin at

As a Creative Producer Kristin has developed / sold the following shows:

  • Tulsa (2014 - present) Mini-series starring Octavia Spencer about the 1921 race riot in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Studio was Sony - Sold to Oprah Winfrey Network. Producing Partner to Showrunner & Creators Nancy Miller, Valerie Woods and Dayna North.

  • St. Jude, Missouri (2015 - 2016) 1-hour cop show: part procedural, soap & social commentary. Studio was 20th Century Fox - Sold to Fox Network. Producing Partner to Showrunner / Creator Nancy Miller and EP Judy Smith.

  • Sex, Lies and Handwriting (2013 - 2015) 1-hour character driven procedural inspired by the book. Studio was Lionsgate / Tandem Productions / Sea to Sky Entertainment - Sold to ABC, SAT1, TF-1 and Bell Networks. Producing Partner to Showrunner & Creators Nancy Miller and Annie Brunner.

  • Rage (2013) 1-hour latina superhero action drama. Studio was Lionsgate / Televisa / Travieso Productions / POW! Entertainment - Sold to Sy-Fy Network. Producing Partner to Showrunner & Creator Nancy Miller and co-creator with Stan Lee.

  • Teresa (2011 - 2013) 1-hour grounded soap based on the successful telenovela format. Studio was Lionsgate / Televisa - Sold to ABC Network. Producing Partner to Showrunner & Creator Nancy Miller.


Black Wall Street

Writers and producers Nancy Miller, Dayna North, Valerie Woods and Kristin Palombo research the famous "Black Wall Street" for OWN's mini-series Tulsa. Marc Carlson (centered), from the University of Tulsa, gives a tour and history lesson in the neighborhood of Greenwood, Oklahoma, where the massacre took place back in 1921.

Against The Wall  Creator Annie Brunner, Lifetime Executive AnaLucia Cottone, Showrunner Nancy Miller and Kristin Palombo on set in Toronto

Against The Wall Creator Annie Brunner, Lifetime Executive AnaLucia Cottone, Showrunner Nancy Miller and Kristin Palombo on set in Toronto

Saving Grace  actors, writers and producers attending an OU football game during a research trip to Oklahoma City (Kristin kneeling in center)

Saving Grace actors, writers and producers attending an OU football game during a research trip to Oklahoma City (Kristin kneeling in center)

To request a script consultation/rates, email Kristin at

The unread story is not a story; it is little black marks on wood pulp. The reader, reading it, makes it live: a live thing, a story.
— Ursula K. Le Guin